The CSA Handbook: What to do with your CSAs harvest

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Woods, M. Ernst, and D.

Records describe publications and resources encompassing all aspects of agriculture and allied disciplines. Department of Agriculture supports three major programs that offer sustainable agriculture information and assistance. Whether you are a farmer, an educator or a researcher seeking more information about sustainable agriculture in general, about a specific crop, or help with a specific problem, these programs can help.

Tony next led us to a factory which had been abandoned by its owners in Instead of leaving, the workers took it over and have been fighting in the courts ever since to gain legal ownership, claiming that the former owners owe them millions in unpaid wages.

How Do I Pay and Get My Food?

The worker owners of the factory source most ingredients locally. The factory also houses a free clinic that provides holistic health services. The food coop —Bios-coop — is the only one in this city. After four years of operation, it is finally in the black and that financial achievement has only been possible because 20 people, including our guide Tony, work many volunteer hours.

The store reminded me of small coops in the US. I felt right at home.

The Canadian Organic Grower

People who went to the refugee center reported that 65, refugees have passed through that area of northern Greece, near Macedonia. The founders of the center were themselves former refugees and their goal is to resettle refugee families in agroecological villages. However, few want to stay and farm. Most refugees have set their sights on European cities.

CSA Models and Strategies

For the time being, the project has been able to provide homes for some families, a major improvement over tents. For sale at the conference were bags and pouches made by refugees from their life jackets at the Lesvos Solidarity Project. I did some of my holiday shopping. As honorary president of Urgenci, I had the honor of speaking at the opening plenary where I set out a major theme for the conference — making CSAs more inclusive of people of diverse income levels, ethnic groups and sexual orientations.

CSA Network UK Farm Open Days - Sept/Oct 2018

CSAs and related projects are growing — last year saw the first CSA conference in Mexico, Brazil has over , and China, soon to hold its 10 annual conference, has over In Germany, Stephanie Wild reported, members hold an annual auction where they place bids on how much they will pay for their CSA shares. If the bids add up to the budget that the farm has shared with them, that is what they pay.

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Some CSAs use a traffic light system. If all the green bids do not cover the budget, they move up to the yellow bids to set how much each family is assessed for the season. Setting up a network for small producers to supply CSA baskets has opened up a market for their products in an area of Burkina-Faso that suffers from drought. In South Korea, Sisters Garden has been tremendously successful in organizing women farmers.

Sukya Lee shared the history of organizing among Korean women first to form the Korean Women Peasant Association , and then Sisters Garden , a cooperative box scheme with over 10, customers. Sisters Garden has an on-line list of products for customers to choose from, a regular newsletter with information about what is available, recipes and news of women peasants, and a project devoted to native seed production.

I was able to catch up with an old friend from Japan, Hiroko Kubota, professor of food studies in Tokyo and member of the board of the Japanese Organic Agriculture Association. She reported that Teikei membership continues to shrink as younger families find more convenient ways to access organic food. Shi Yan Sina, who started the first CSA in China, explained that the members of the rapidly expanding CSA network want to get more of their food needs with an assurance of quality.

In response, the CSA network has developed a PGS that includes farms that specialize in rice, citrus and other products not available from most family farms. Cheng did not come to Greece because he is busy starting two more CSAs.

CSA Beyond Borders: The 7th International CSA Symposium in Thessaloniki, Greece - RIPESS

Their home farm, Shared Harvest CSA, crowd funded to raise money to build a greenhouse for year-round production; ten families paid in advance for five years of shares. They also run a school for new CSA farmers; every month, twenty young farmers come for a full week of study. They have not yet chosen to make membership compulsory.