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Of Punjabi heritage, Peter is constantly in demand for his tales of wit and wisdom, and has worked with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. He also offers bi lingual storytelling sessions in English and Punjabi.

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Peter has a huge repertoire of tales from the subcontinent, and has shared these stories at theatres, schools, colleges, arts centres, nature reserves, festivals, and cultural events all over Britain and further afield. He also runs practical storytelling workshops for all age groups, and has been involved in many community based storytelling projects.

It is fast paced and the plot is all the time transferring, which is unusual as maximum lengthy collection generally tend to tug somewhat within the center. This may be my go-to for a rewatch. Yes, I even take a seat during the heart-wrenching moments once more as a result of no ache, no acquire. Upon finding out that her daughter will undergo a tumultuous love trial, the Flower Deity comes to a decision to present her child daughter, Jin Mi Yang Zi , a paranormal tablet that forestalls her from feeling love.

The brothers fall in love together with her, no longer figuring out that she is not able to really feel love. Thus the affection triangle starts in opposition to the backdrop of political battles some of the other nation-states. The stakes are decrease; I am getting to observe them be lovely and fall in love freely. The romance is in point of fact the principle draw right here. Our major duo has nice chemistry! Meng Fuyao Yang Mi , a lowly slave who masters an invincible combating method accidentally, is tasked to gather the name of the game orders of the 5 Kingdoms.

With that, she trips around the 5 kingdoms to struggle in opposition to evil and repair peace to the lands.

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She is joined by means of the mysterious Crown Prince Zhangsun Wuji Ethan Juan , they usually fall in love within the procedure. You need it? You were given it.

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  8. Ultimately, the drama is a coming-of-age tale for each Fuyao and Wuji. It is pleasurable to witness how they regularly and of course exchange thru their trials and courting with each and every different. Their romance is without a doubt the item that helps to keep audience entranced. The actors have nice chemistry in combination, they usually glance so herbal and ok with each and every different that their love feels authentic.

    And for just right causes! Dynamite, guns, and the spread of an invading civilization are only some of the perils threatening the peaceful Wakani tribe. Another danger lurks just beyond the village boundaries, and it eagerly awaits the chance to make the whole tribe its prey. Fortunately, the Wakani are protected by the nagual - fierce jaguar warriors given the ability to change from man to feline.

    The writers did a great job with this paranormal romance. There was great detail with their surroundings being in an exotic jungle. It was a refreshing twist on vampires, especially when paired with shape shifters.

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    Having a strong heroine and young inexperienced aloha male gives this story line a fresh edge. A well written Great Story, that I would recommend go for something a little different, put some magic in your life. From the Author The tale of Primal Legacy is a sweet love story and the first in a series of romances within the same magical world created for our epic-length novels. While writing this book, we wanted to avoid the typical vampire tale. We hope that you'll enjoy our tale of shapeshifters and the brand new twist that we added to the various supernatural creatures within.

    About the Author Alisha Payne loves to read and has always had a fondness for creative writing. She started with poetry and moved up to short stories, before eventually writing novels with her friend Nick. She loves reading a whole range of genres and authors from Tolkien to James Rollins, and blames her love for reading on her mother, who introduced her to the worlds of Pern and Xanth.

    Alisha is a former Petty Officer of the United States Navy, which is where she met her wonderful husband. Her husband continues to serve while Alisha now stays at home with her six year old son and three year old daughter who keep her busy around the house. As do her cat and dog who, after five years, still do not get along.

    Jul 26, Aisha Egal rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: shifter lovers. Primal Legacy was given to me by The Lovers of Paranormal group in exchange for an honest review. Firstly, I would like to say that this deserves more than the five stars that I gave it, but alas, there is no higher rating on Goodreads so I'll give it my imaginary 10 billion stars! Let's just say my mid was blown. This cute and dangerously hot! Also unlike the real world, there is a paranormal twist. The protectors of the natives were blessed with the ability to shift into jaguars, one of these protectors being Felipe.

    Felipe and his village are not welcoming to strangers on their lands, that is, until he meets Dahlia. After a rough start, the two build a strong friendship that begins to lead to more. I was very satisfied with the main characters in this novella. Dahlia was strong, kind and also very wise.

    She is no young vampire and it shows in her mannerisms and knowledge. While on the other hand, the young Felipe is unsure, cute and ignorant to the world outside his forest. I felt that these two complemented each other so well. What I loved most about this novella is the imagery in the author's writing.

    It felt as if I were sucked right into the world alongside the characters. I loved how descriptive and beautiful each scene was. Not to mention the steamy love scenes. In all, Primal Legacy is an awe inspiring book that has given me a new appreciation for native people and their struggle to preserve their way of life. Can't wait to read the main books in this series!!

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    May 24, Book Junky Girls rated it really liked it. Dahlia enjoys the peace of nature, she's different from what you may know but she's not some scary monster. In the depths of the Amazon she comes across Felipe, well at first she's not sure who he is except a shifter panther trying to kill her. Once she proves she means no harm they go their own way. In a world where all types of creatures some are more dangerious than others as Dahlia and Felipe learn about each other and about their different lives they are targets from creatures that could de Dahlia enjoys the peace of nature, she's different from what you may know but she's not some scary monster.

    In a world where all types of creatures some are more dangerious than others as Dahlia and Felipe learn about each other and about their different lives they are targets from creatures that could destroy them all. Dahlia is strong and tough and level headed when it come to dealing with others. She's seen the world and is comfortable with nature and the creatures in it, but you can tell she gets lonely.

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    6. Felipe is young and inexperienced but he has a good heart and cares for his people. They both have different experiences and learn from each other, their freindship builds them both up and gives them a different type of strength together. The story itself was interesting and kept me intrigued throughout.

      The paranormal element was very indepth and my only complaint was that some of it wasn't explained very well. Overall I'll definitely be looking out for the next one in this series. A Great Read! I loved this novella!

      The characters are really likable and the authors do a fantastic job slowly revealing details about the intriguing backstory. The action is excellent and the romance is compelling to say the least. The authors have a way with descriptive prose that completely immerses you in the setting without dragging on or distracting from the fantastic, exciting plot. Clearly this novella fits in to A Great Read!

      Butterflies play a symbolic role in the book and are featured on the cover, this is fitting because I feel like these authors have emerged from a chrysalis to spread their glorious multicolored wings and cary us to a different exciting land of the imagination. I will be reading everything this authoring team publishes! I only wish they would write faster.


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      Nov 02, Gypsy Madden rated it it was amazing. Though the Amazon is already another world of its own, this story wove in its magical world setup adding in a team of magic artifact hunters, as well as vampires, shifters , demonic creatures, natural spirits of the jungle, and a hierarchy of magic users. While Felipe was fun to watch as he grew up over the course of this short book from stubborn hot-head, slowly gaining knowledge in his curiosity, and trying to open the eyes of his village to the larger world around them that not everything out there was a danger to them.

      Jun 06, Jana Petken rated it it was amazing. The beautiful descriptive prose flowed through the fist few pages and immersed me in the story. Dahlia and Felipe gave us a beautiful love story but I feel that there is much more to come, where these two characters are concerned. Aside from the romance, the novella was jam packed with action and adventure, from villains to wonderful magical creatures. Dahlia is a strong and confident heroine. Felipe brings a unique paradox - he is brave, however he still has so much to learn about himself, other The beautiful descriptive prose flowed through the fist few pages and immersed me in the story.

      Felipe brings a unique paradox - he is brave, however he still has so much to learn about himself, others, and the world he lives in. The writers are totally in sync with each other. Their writing is fluid and confident. The phrasing is beautifully executed, making this an easy read, relaxing read..