Night Falls Like Silk

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And all will enjoy the nuanced portraits of Cassandra's adolescent nephew, Aaron, an artist and loner, whose kidnapping drives the drama. Eagle, a white woman married to a Lakota Sioux, enriches the romance genre with her unforced, unaffected multiculturalism. No doctrine, no rainbow parades here—just an appreciation for all that is human. Eagle's prose may occasionally be more cotton than silk, but her scene setting is convincing and her pacing flawless.

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Zeebra Books. Show other formats. The story opens with Thomas bidding against a beautiful woman at an auction for a set of Native American ledger drawings. The woman wins and a bit of heat passes between them before they part ways. While Thomas mentors Aaron, he and Cassandra begin a passionate affair. Meanwhile, his latest creation, a changeling superhero based in Native American mythology who has both male and female alter-egos, Victor and Victory, seems to have come to life.

Night Falls Like Silk (Night Remembers, book 2) by Kathleen Eagle

Then Aaron disappears and the ledger drawings are stolen as well, leading the police to believe that the kidnapper and the burglar are one and the same, and Thomas is their prime suspect. I loved Thomas in The Night Remembers and was very much looking forward to seeing him grow up and get his own story.

He cares about his adoptive mother and younger siblings, as well as Stony, who seems to have disappeared after being released from a recent stint in prison. Cassandra is a wealthy widow who owns an art gallery. She married a rich husband who was twice her age when she was extremely young, and essentially became his trophy wife.

Now she uses her inheritance to care for her younger, scatterbrained sister and her son, while pursuing her passion for art. However, the ten year age difference between them leaves Cassandra a little hesitant to get involved with a considerably younger man. But when evidence starts stacking up against Thomas, she begins to have some doubts about her lover.

While I understood why she might feel uncertain given how overwhelming the evidence appears to be, I did find myself wishing she would have had a little more faith in him. Also both stories have similarly subdued romances for our main couples. I enjoyed reading about the dynamics between Thomas, Angela, and Jesse and seeing things come full-circle for them. In fact, I got a little teary-eyed by the end. Kathleen Eagle has a rather unique writing style that may not be for everyone.

This review contains minor spoilers for The Night Remembers. You don't have to have read it to follow Night Falls Like Silk , but it does add depth to the story. Fifteen years or so have passed since the courageous and imaginative Tommy T was adopted by Angela and Jesse Brown Wolf. Now the part black, part Lakota street kid has grown into Thomas Warrior -- a handsome, sophisticated man well able to hold his own with a wealthy, upper-class, white widow who's ten years older than him.

But in some This review contains minor spoilers for The Night Remembers. But in some ways, Thomas is still the same warm-hearted, idealistic boy he once was, the boy who needed a hero so badly he created one -- only to discover he had feet of clay. And his comic books, drawing on Indian legends, still have the power to inspire a mythic character to come to life -- but will it be a hero or a villain?

Puzzling and haunting in tone, Night Falls Like Silk is partially a romance, as Thomas and art collector Cassandra fall in love under difficult circumstances, and partially a chilling suspense story. Minor spoiler for very sensitive readers: view spoiler [Some ugly stuff involving a child happens, but he isn't seriously harmed.

Although not quite as strangely romantic as The Night Remembers , it's a touching, satisfying end to Thomas's story. Reviewed from e-arc provided by netGalley. View 2 comments. Nov 17, Christa rated it liked it Shelves: ebook-arc. This book was a good follow up to Eagle's The Night Remembers. I really liked Tommy T.

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I liked him in this book too, but was disappointed that he placed so much blame for his brother's life choices on his adopted father, Jesee Brown Wolf. Cassandra Westbrook was a great character, and I liked watching her relationship with Thomas develop. The storyline was interesting and kept my attent This book was a good follow up to Eagle's The Night Remembers. The storyline was interesting and kept my attention throughout. Young Tommy T. Althoug the Wolf's tried to help Tommy's brother too, he was not able to step away from his involvement with drugs and unsavory people.

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As an adult, Thomas Warrior places much blame for his brother's choices on Jesse Brown Wolf, and he no longer wants anything to do with him, although he still sees Angela. When Thomas meets Cassandra Westbrook and becomes involved with her, some drawings that she purchased at an auction go missing. Thomas appears to be a likely suspect, and soon Cassandra's nephew goes missing as well. Again, Thomas is highly scrutinized as a supsect. Cassandra, who has developed strong feelings for Thomas, is left to decide whether she can trust him.

I enjoyed this book, and thought that Thomas and Cassandra were good together. I liked seeing the life that Thomas made for himself, and thought that he had turned out to be a very interesting man. I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley. Aug 21, Betty Reynolds rated it it was amazing.

Loved this book! It kept al my emotions on edge, but the story ends with love and understanding. Nov 17, Wendy rated it really liked it Shelves: nov Tommy T, now Thomas Warrior, has matured into a handsome and sophisticated man. He is an artist that creates graphic novels. At an art auction he meets Cassandra Westbrook, a widow and 10 years older than him.

As they grow closer Tom agrees to mentor Aaron, Cassandra's troubled nephew, whose world revolves around drawing. When Aaron disappears we are taken on a roller coaster ride of suspense, and Tom and Cassandra's new found love is put to the test. Although I enjoyed "The Night Remembers" more this novel is a touching and gratifying end to Thomas's story. Oct 01, Kimberly rated it liked it. Review written for www.

I never felt the connection between Tom and Cassandra. This story was just so oddly written that it was hard to follow. Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an Review written for www. Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Nov 06, Gail rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance.

Night Falls Like Silk

Young man who grew up rough and was adopted as a teen is now an artist creating graphic novels. He agrees to mentor a young boy, gets involved with her aunt, has trouble with his adoptive family—and then the boy disappears and things get really complicated. A good read. Eagle always has such lovely evocative language. Once again, Kathleen Eagle has penned a deeply emotional story of an unconventional love affair, a family shattered by past events and the fierce loyalty of a young boy wise beyond his years. Truly a story that will touch all your emotions. Having followed this series years ago, it was interesting to understand how people moved on with their lives, and how family is dynamic rather than static.

The codependency issues were not addressed, especially back when this novel was written! It fit the escapism mode rather well.

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Liked this as much if not better than the 1st book of the series. I love these characters. View 1 comment. Sep 28, Diana rated it really liked it Shelves: romance-contemporary , narrator-fail , romance-suspense , audiobooks. I cannot recommend the audiobook.