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We provide services to people who are 65 years and over who believe they may have issues with their memory.

Memory Team

Once a referral is received we will offer you an assessment. This takes place at the Memory Service and lasts for up to one and a half hours. We ask that you attend the appointment with a relative, or friend who knows you well. At the end of your assessment, we will feed back to you.

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If required, we will offer you another appointment. We will then write to your GP following your assessment.

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We will also need the results of the blood tests, arranged by your GP. This is to help identify any physical cause to your memory problem. The Memory Team uses the Memory by Milestone board to plan issues for each milestone. Since we are a small team, each member is expected to comment on issue weight. Asking each member to estimate the weight will give the team a better understanding of the goals of the milestone, encourage communication around the issues, and lead to clarifying questions.

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If anyone feels they do not have enough information to comfortably apply a weight, they are encouraged to comment on the issues asking for more details. After feeback on issue weight has been gathered, the Engineering Manager is responsible to ensure that all issues within the milestone have a weight assigned.

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Memory Team. Mission The Memory team is responsible for optimizing GitLab application performance by managing the memory resources required.

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We are adopting a lightweight weighting system, similar to those adopted by other teams. Weights Weight Description 1: Trivial The problem is very well understood, no extra investigation is required, the exact solution is already known and just needs to be implemented, no surprises are expected, and no coordination with other teams or people is required. Examples are documentation updates, simple regressions, and other bugs that have already been investigated and discussed and can be fixed with a few lines of code, or technical debt that we know exactly how to address, but just haven't found time for yet.

Few surprises are expected, if any, and no coordination with other teams or people is required.

Memory service - Dementia UK

Examples are simple features, like a new API endpoint to expose existing data or functionality, or regular bugs or performance issues where some investigation has already taken place. A solution will be outlined, and most edge cases will be considered, but some extra investigation will be required to realize the solution. Some surprises are expected, and coordination with other teams or people may be required.

Bugs that are relatively poorly understood and may not yet have a suggested solution. Significant investigation will definitely be required, but the expectation is that once the problem is found, a solution should be relatively straightforward.

Memory service

Examples are regular features, potentially with a backend and frontend component, or most bugs or performance issues. A solution will be outlined, and major edge cases will be considered, but extra investigation will definitely be required to realize the solution. Many surprises are expected, and coordination with other teams or people is likely required. Bugs that are very poorly understood, and will not have a suggested solution.

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Significant investigation will be required, and once the problem is found, a solution may not be straightforward. Examples are large features with a backend and frontend component, or bugs or performance issues that have seen some initial investigation but have not yet been reproduced or otherwise "figured out".

Anything larger than 5 should be broken down.