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Cover it with a slab of crisp-cooked pancetta or bacon, and lay a poached or fried egg on top.

Ultimate Grilled Swiss with Bacon Peach Jam | Striped Spatula

Drizzle it, if you like, with a tiny bit of olive oil mixed with wine vinegar and Dijon mustard. You'll never eat another Egg McMuffin. Asian Shrimp and Vegetable Wrap. Slice cooked shrimp in half the long way, and toss them with some sesame oil and soy sauce. Add a little more soy sauce or, better, soy-laced mayo , and wrap it up.

Turkey Apple Burger. Combine ground turkey with finely chopped onion, diced tart apples, salt and pepper, and a few leaves of chopped fresh tarragon or sage; grill or pan-cook. Serve on a hamburger bun with arugula or other salad green and a smear of Dijon mustard to amp up the flavor even further. Put the best stuff in your shopping cart with The Best Foods for Men.

Italian Cooking

Open-Faced Prosciutto and Asparagus. Lay thinly sliced prosciutto on half a baguette. Top it with asparagus spears that've been steamed or grilled until quite tender. Toss some arugula with olive oil and lemon, and lay that on top of the asparagus. A little Dijon wouldn't hurt. Eat it open-faced to halve the carb load. Start with a combination you like, such as banana, honey, and almonds; avocado and peanuts; cooked sweet potatoes and hazelnuts; apricots and almonds; peaches and pistachios; or roasted beets and walnuts. Lightly mash and then smear the spread on toasted bread, and sprinkle on some more chopped nuts.

Spicy Crab-Salad Sandwich. Mix lump crabmeat with a bit of sesame oil, a chopped Thai or other chili, scallion, garlic, and salt. Mound it all on a roll with shredded napa or Savoy cabbage, and squeeze lime juice over everything.

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Croissant with Herbed Goat Cheese and Spinach. Mix goat cheese with freshly chopped oregano and thyme, and spread it on a split croissant. Add spinach or arugula, and chopped olives or roasted red peppers. Sliced turkey or ham is optional. Thanksgiving Sandwich. Spread whole-wheat toast with goat cheese or cream cheese. Top with cranberry sauce and cooked turkey, and add avocado slices, along with some cooked and crumbled bacon.

Turkish Lamb Pocket. Stuff into a pita with freshly chopped tomatoes and shredded romaine lettuce. Top with a dollop of yogurt Greek-style is best , a squeeze of lemon, and, if you like, a bit of minced onion. And if you're worried about getting a sauce-covered forearm, follow these steps to Avoid Gyro Fallout.

Chicken Red-Pepper Pesto Panini. Smear the mix on split ciabatta or similar bread. Top with grilled chicken and chopped arugula or other spicy greens that are drizzled with a little more balsamic vinegar. Mash good-quality tuna canned in olive oil with some pitted black oil-cured olives and drained capers. Spread it into a scooped-out roll with lettuce, tomatoes, raw or steamed green beans, and a squeeze of lemon.

Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe - Veg Mayo Sandwich - Easy & Quick Mayo Sandwich - Sandwich Recipe

Sliced hard-boiled egg is good in here, too. Pork Sandwich with Red-Onion Relish. Slice roasted pork thinly, layer it on sourdough bread, and top the pork with the onion relish. A little ketchup would help. Toast two slabs of crusty white bread, and slather them with peanut butter. Build layers of bacon and banana until the sandwich is a hunka burnin' peanut-butter love.

Then hit the gym. You'll need to work this one off. Sushi Sandwich. Cover a rice cake or rice cracker with thin slices of sushi-grade tuna. The tuna is easier to slice thin if you freeze it for half an hour or so. Smear lightly with wasabi paste and then drizzle it with good soy sauce. Optional toppings include chopped pickled ginger or lightly toasted and crumbled nori seaweed. Smoked Salmon and Dill on Pumpernickel. Spread cream cheese or plain yogurt thinly on slices of pumpernickel bread; top with smoked salmon and fresh dill.

Very thinly sliced lemon works magic here, too. Ditch the rind before adding.

My Good Food

They are classics for a reason, so get them into your lunchbox too. First up, this delicious piccalilli. If you love this chunky vegetable pickle, make it at home with cauliflower, beans, courgettes and onions with our homemade piccalilli recipe. Delicious in sandwiches with cheese or ham, or both.

Melted cheese and sweet chutney sandwiched between thick slices of lightly toasted bread - what more could you want? This cheese and chutney sarnie combo really does work wonders and is perfect if you fancy something filling and just a little bit naughty at lunch time. Well, everyone deserves a treat every now and then!

Love the spice of Mexican food? Well, if you've answered yes you're just going to love these tasty lamb and guacamole wraps. It's a great way of using up any leftover lamb you might have from your Sunday roast plus they only take 10 mins to prepare. These chicken satay lettuce wraps are light and easy to make. They're perfect lunch box fillers or picnic treats.

The chicken is left to marinate in a creamy coconut and Thai paste mix to give them a spicy kick. Once they're cooked all you have to do is assemble your wrap - don't forget the satay sauce, it's the highlight of this recipe! A classic club sandwiches for all ages, this children's club sarnie comes with a cream cheese, bacon and simple tomato salsa filling. Fancy something healthy and filling? These delicious roasted vegetable pittas are sure to do the trick - they're a great lunch box filler for the kids too.

The soft roasted veg and the creamy mozzarella make a delicious combo that can be popped into pitta, bread or a tortilla wrap - the choice is yours! This is the ultimate sandwich. Succulent pieces of melt-in-the-mouth beef brisket, melted Cheddar cheese, fresh reb cabbage and a tangy BBQ sauce - need we say anymore?

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This mouth-watering BBQ beef brisket sandwich will be the highlight of your afternoon. Tuna, red onion and black olives make a really flavoursome combo. Topped with heaps of cheese and melted under the grill, this tuna and cheese ciabatta melt can be served on ciabatta, toasted bread or a slice of crusty loaf. Make your own hummus with chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, paprika and cumin. Hummus is great alternative to butter and is full of protein too thanks to the chickpeas. Spread on bread and top with fresh salad leaves and tender chicken pieces.

If you love beef as much as we do, you're going to love this mouth-watering salt beef recipe - beef brisket has never tasted so good! The salt beef can be kept for up to 1 week in the fridge too which means you can have it for lunch a few days during the week. You just need canned tuna, butter, lemon juice and capers to make this delicious tuna and caper sandwich filling. Add crispy lettuce or cucumber to make it even healthier. If you're looking for something different to sandwich between your bread or tuck away in a tortilla wrap, then you've got to try this Mexican sweet potato and bean combo.

Grilled Gouda Sandwiches

Perfect for vegetarians, it's a really refreshing change from your usual ham and cheese or tuna sarnie and is sure to keep you fuller for longer. If you need lunchtime inspiration, this salmon, avocado and brie combo is a winner in the taste stakes. Have you ever made falafel before? Well, now's your chance to try! This homemade falafel pitta recipe guides you through how to make falafel from scratch and what delicious ingredients to serve it with too like rocket and plain yogurt. Falafel can be sandwiched between all different types of bread - it's up to you! Everyone loves a classic tuna sandwich! This delicious crunchy tuna filler takes a favourite one step further by adding small pieces of chopped pepper, onion and cucumber to the mix. A dash of lemon juice and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar show that there's no need for mayo in this recipe - it's the healthy alternative!

If you're looking for a sandwich filling just for kids - this is it!