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But that person is not married to someone else.

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Or if they are, then that person is not for you until they are no longer married to that other person. As long as they are married to another person, a strict hands-off policy is the only proper path. Just walk on by, and keep on looking for the one God has in mind for you. This is both a matter of personal integrity and a matter of being faithful to the clear, direct commandment of God. This article is a response to a spiritual conundrum submitted by a reader.

Lee Woofenden is an ordained minister, writer, editor, translator, and teacher. He enjoys taking spiritual insights from the Bible and the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg and putting them into plain English as guides for everyday life. I have been through similar situation you going through. Thanks to God and to good and experienced people who I asked for advice I decided to get out from that relationship.

It was not easy and fast. But Now Im glad for it and see it from distance with different eyes like when I was in love and yours like situation. It is interesting … it happened the same like you said, it just happened…. You just are trying to live a good life and it just happened.

But its not coincidence, woman looking for your kind of man. Caring and loving. Im sure God have there great girl for you. If wife from your story is not in great marriage it is still not your problem to solve. From my own experience you are not doing much of good of service even to her, because you are not objective anymore. Its better to be honest, call the things right name and do not try to find easy way around.

Faster out is better, mine case was like slow pulling of bad tooth out… just childish. The struggle for love will produce maximum results because there is no limit for actions based on love. Success in career could make someone happy. However, the most joyful thing is when someone success in their love affairs.

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You will feel that your life is much more beautiful when you find someone you love. When there is someone that you love, always accompany your days, everything will be more beautiful. Even though you are in a difficult time, your life will be wonderful because there is someone who always supports you.

This motivational love quotes can be a motivation for you. If you have experienced pain due to failure, the pain will slowly disappear because there is someone you love beside you. Even, the power of love makes your life more beautiful than the dream last night. Many people think of true love. What is true love like? Is there any real love in this world? Love that is blossom at the beginning until the end of life.

That is called true love. The first impression is when the love is begun. From there, it will continue until arriving at a relationship that will continue to a marriage. This can happen to someone who is less sincere in love because real love will never hurt someone. You too will be helpless to overcome the turmoil in your heart. Tips: Try to reduce your pain by sharing with your friends or people you trust, and give a moment for yourself to share your problem with God.

Pray to Allah for what is the best future for you. Furthermore, you will be trained to be strong because whatever the pain, over time you will be able to overcome it and continue your life goals. When you can pass it, you will become more mature and confident that you can still find your happiness with better people out there. Even though it takes to process and time, believe that everything can be overcome. When someone is asked why he loves, surely he cannot answer because there are many factors that make someone fall in love.

You need to be sure that he loves you for who you are, not other things outside of you. It is true from love quotes above that love is present without reason, and true love comes from the one who loves you as you are, not for other purposes.

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According to the words of love above, it is better to have a sense of love even though we do not know where to go rather than not having it when we should love. Indeed, love can foster the spirit of someone in acting. In order, we do not become a person who is hurt by our love, love him or her sincerely and without expecting a reply. Of course, your life will be full of colors when you love someone sincerely.

Remember, that true love is only directed to Allah SWT, so never be disappointed when your love is not reciprocated. Every Sunday - Thursday from 12pm until 4pm. Every Monday from 12pm until 11pm. Discover a Revolutionary Beauty Line We have something new and exciting for you. Lobster Delight Come for a dive and satisfy your deepest cravings.

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